Whisky Tasting Events

To me Scottish landscapes and Scottish whisky create a unique composition of colours, smells and moods ... it is like some kind of poetry as the multi-faceted moods of the Scottish landscape are reflected in the whisky: rough and soft, peaty, smoky, earthy, sometimes lovely, genuine, unspoilt, original, dry, romantic, powerful, flowery, melancholic...

And I always have an urge to take samples of these compositions home with me. Unfortunately one cannot travel to Scotland for every glass of Scotch ... But instead it is possible to meet with other nice and like-minded people from time to time to consciously enjoy a good Scotch together, share travel memories or simply talk about the whisky in front of you.

Over the last couple of years there were a number of those events in my immediate as well as wider circle of friends (these were not commercial tastings but privately organised events). We collected money beforehand that was then used to purchase a variety of whiskys for the tasting. Any leftover whisky was filled into little bottles, so that everyone could take some samples home to be able to relive their tasting experience again at a later stage.

We really enjoyed organising these tastings and to get to know new varieties of whisky that we might not have purchased for ourselves.

I would like to invite anyone who might be interested in joining us, just once or more often, so that there will always be enough participants at each tasting (these take place roughly every 3 months). The world of whisky is a big field, so there is no end to new discoveries...

I will be delighted if you contact me, so that I can add you to my list of interested participants and invite you to our next tasting!